Do you offer corporate programs?

Yes! We have great success with corporate programs and get reports of happier, more efficient employees who take less sick time off as a result of our program!

Do I have to purchase pre-packaged foods?

No! Pre-packaged foods are costly and not the healthiest option. We can give you the knowledge to learn to cook healthier foods with healthier ingredients. We can also offer recipes that we have tried and tested ourselves!


Does your program force a low calorie diet?

No! Our program is based on achieving the proper balance between protein, sugars, fats, and sodium. We maintain a diet based on normal caloric intake.


Will I be banned from eating my favorite foods?

No! We believe in enjoying indulgences in moderation, not banning our clients from ever eating another slice of king cake or having a praline.


Can I still drink alcohol?

Yes! Our goal is not to stop you from enjoying a good time, and we realize that in our city and culture, alcohol is a big part of that.


Will I have to spend an excessive amount of time at the gym?

No! There are many different types of exercise our clients enjoy, many which can be done at home or on your lunch break. We believe in introducing exercise into your life, not changing your life to revolve around exercise!


Will I be prescribed diet pills?

No! Our program is based on adapting our clients to living a healthier lifestyle, not giving an easy, month long resolution to a continuing problem.


I have a health condition, can my program be tailored to fit my medical needs?

Yes! Our staff understands that a blanket program does not work the same for each person and has the knowledge to customize our program to helps with a range of health problems whether it’s diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer recovery, or multiple schlerosis.


Will I have to purchase a bunch of different supplements and pills?

No! We do offer protein shakes, soups, bars, and puddings as well as multi-vitamins; However, we do not push a bunch of different pill-based supplements to our clients. We believe through good nutrition, your body can do the work instead of pills!


I’m breastfeeding, is your program safe for me and my baby?

Yes! Our program can be adjusted to fit the caloric and nutritional needs best for you and your nursing child. The good news is: breastfeeding helps burn an average of 300 calories daily, so you will have an advantage! Since we don’t use diet pills, our diet if the safest for your nursing baby!


Will I see results quickly?

Yes! Our approach will help you see steady results over time, but results will definitely be noticeable starting the first few weeks!


Will I have to weigh-in in front of a group of strangers?

Absolutely not! Your weight and health are your business and no one else’s!


I work full-time 5 days a week, does your office have flexible hours?

Yes! We understand your time is valuable and important so we offer flexible appointments including early morning and evening appointments!


What is your success rate?



Will you work with my doctor?

Yes! We advise you to speak with your doctor prior to starting our program, and we will work with your doctor to accommodate any special health needs you may have.


My child is overweight, can they join your program?

Yes! Since our approach is nutritionally based as opposed to pharmacology based, our program is safe for teenagers and young adults!

Have additional questions? Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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