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Homemade Chili

posted Dec 23, 2015, 9:40 AM by Marci Leach

If you love savory foods - then chili has it all - meaty, cheesy, and saucy! It Is the perfect food for a get together, football game gathering, and even for picnics!

A hearty bowl of a hot homemade chili is also perfect for warming up your body and soul. In addition to that, it is one of the yummiest foods if you're feeling under the weather, If you love chili, you will be happy to know that you can make this right at home! Are you ready to create your very own home made chili recipe? Here is one recipe that you must try!



1 lb of turkey ground

1/2 lb of lean ground beef

1/2 bell pepper chopped

1/2 onion chopped

2 pieces of garlic cloves, finely minced

Pomi chopped tomatoes

2 to 3 tablespoons of chili powder

1 teaspoon of ground cumin

1 teaspoon of ground pepper


Cooking Instructions:

1. Place a large skillet on a stove with medium heat. Place the ground beef, chopped bell pepper, onion and garlic cloves into the skillet and cook it. Continue cooking until the ground beef has already crumbled and the pink color has been turned into a brownish color. Drain any liquid from the skillet.


2. Place the resulting mixture into a slow cooker. Stir in the tomatoes, ground cumin, chili powder and pepper into the slow cooker. Cook all ingredients on high for about three to four hours. You can also cook this in low heat for about five to six hours.