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Our Program:

Women & Men's Nutrition and Weight Control Centers is just that! We are a support and educational program that enlighten and guides you on the healthiest ways to achieve overall good health, nutrition, and weight control. Women and Men's Nutrition and Weight Control Centers is dedicated to helping you control your weight, which will in turn help you gain control of your overall health and wellness. Gaining control of your weight and overall improvement in your everyday nutrition program is achieved through healthy eating, exercise, daily vitamins and protein supplements. There are typically four phases in our plan to help you achieve your goal:

Detoxification, the Nutritional program, Stabilization, and Maintenance.

We DO NOT believe in pre-packaged food, the latest fad diet, injections or diet pills.

This program is based on an appropriate, nutritional, knowledge-gaining experience that you will use for the rest of your life!

Participation in the Women and Men's Nutrition program includes weekly visits and consultations with our staff which includes a state-licensed Dietician and a state-licensed Physical Therapist who will monitor your food, liquid, vitamin intake and general exercise on a weekly basis.  We will help you learn the best balance to keep you on a safe track to a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life without banning you from everything you are used to enjoying.

Periodically, seminars will be offered to our clients by medical professionals.  It is our goal to further enlighten you on the best ways to achieve better fitness, nutrition and overall health.