Marci Cahill-Leach

Marci Cahill-Leach serves as President and CFO of Women & Men's Nutrition and Weight Control Centers. Marci designs the programs offered by Women & Men's WCC for both private and Corporate clients along with programs and seminars offered by the Center. Marci has 30 years experience in the business field; she served as General Manager of a large local Telecommunications company for 18 years, a voice and data applications engineer consulting for 4 local companies, 3 national companies and 3 City government bodies throughout the United States. Marci has taught in the field of communications, voice, data and communications auditing for 25 years. Mrs. Leach has 35 years experience in lecture and teaching in the fields, of sales, marketing and various forms of communications allow her to design an excellent program of professional qualified speakers from the medical, defense  counselling and cosmetic fields as added value to the Clients of Women & Men’s Nutrition and Weight Control Centers. Marci is a member of NAFE (National Association of Female Executives), United Children’s Fund, MADD, SADD, and past President of KBA and GSUCC.